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 Curse of the Beast

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PostSubject: Curse of the Beast    Tue Feb 28, 2012 12:02 am

I do not own Rosario Vampire

“Hm… Yokai Academy huh?” said a boy with green hair looking at a letter. Dear Ryuko Nagano, congratulations on acceptance into Yokai Academy. He read the letter over and over. “Guess I’m going to high school now.” He stretched his arms out wide as he was walking into his apartment. “Guess I won’t need this place for a couple of years. I’ll probably keep it for summer breaks though.” He stretched his hands wide, allowing claws to form on his hands. “Gotta hide these bad boys for a few years now.” He smiled and began packing his bags. “Should be fun.”
***Meanwhile, in the headmaster’s chamber***
“Headmaster, we’ve received word on the new student’s decision.”
“Oh?” replied the hooded man, raising his head from his work.
“Yes. He has accepted. He should be here tomorrow.” Replied the clerk.
“Good, good. Have him rook next to Tsukune Aono.” Replied the headmaster.
“As you wish.” The clerk left the office, closing the door behind her.
***Back at Ryuko’s apartment***
“Hmm… I should probably get some uniforms… GAH! Where do I buy those!?” he shouted, hands pressing on the sides of his head. He bolted out the door running out into the shopping district. Looking from left to right as he was running through, looking for the uniform store. “Man… where is it? I’m getting so lost!” Before he knew it he slammed into someone, knocking both of them to the ground. “Ah! I’m sorry” shouted Ryuko, scrambling up off the ground. He was begging to help her up when he saw her. “Wah! Im sorry!” she was beautiful. He helped her up, still apologizing and turning a little red.
“It’s okay, you must be searching for something. I’m Aubrey, Aubrey Wilco. Maybe I could help you search?” replied the Auburn headed girl, her eyes were a stunning shade of green, her skin was fair and she had a beautiful smile.
“Why.. uh… Sure. I’m Ryuko by the way.” Replied the embarrassed teen. “So do you know where the uniform store is?”
“Well…” replied Aubrey, putting her hand behind her head “Not exactly…”
“Gah! So we’re both lost!” replied Ryuko, on the verge of tears.
“Well, we could look together, how does that sound?” asked Aubrey, trying to calm him down.
“Heh, sure.” The two headed off down the district, stopping in every store, seeing if it was the uniform store. They searched for what seemed like hours, to no avail. “Grr… Where is that damn store!?”
“Hey, how about we stop for some lunch. We can continue searching after.” Suggested the Auburn headed beauty.
“That sounds good.” Replied Ryuko at the sound of his stomach growling. The two headed to a nearby diner. Where they sat down in a booth and ordered their food.
“So where are you going to highschool?” asked Aubrey, taking a bite of her sandwich
“Umm.. Yokai Academy… I’ve never heard of it before.” Replied Ryuko
“Oh wow, really? I’m going there too! I leave tomorrow!” She chomped off another bite of her food. “At least I won’t go there not knowing anyone.” She flipped her hair back, landing it behind her ear.
“Wow she’s really pretty.” Thought Ryuko, looking out the window and finally seeing their holy land. “THERE!” he screamed, noticing the uniform store, shocking Aubrey and almost causing her to fall out of her chair
“Woah! What is it?” said Aubrey, blowing her hair out of her face.
“The uniform store!” shouted Ryuko, bolting out of the diner, followed by Aubrey
***At Yokai Academy***
“A-hem…” The teacher gained the class’ attention. “As you all know, we are receiving 2 new students into our class tomorrow. I want all of you to welcome them to this academy with friendship. Now… back to the lesson…”
“Who do you think this new student is?” whispered Tsukune Aono, a brown haired and black eyed boy.
“I don’t know, but I heard he’s strong.” Replied Moka Akashiya, a beautiful pink haired girl who was sitting next to Tsukune.
“Heh… I bet I can take him.” Said some big brute in the back of the class.
***Back in the uniform store***
“Thank god we finally found this place!” said Aubrey, “I thought I wasn’t going to have a uniform for tomorrow.”
“I know. It’s such a relief.” Replied Ryuko, opening the door and letting Aubrey in. “Hello, I need to buy some uniforms.”
“Yes, and may I ask your name?” replied the woman at the cash register.
“Ryuko Nagano.”
“Mhmm… It seems someone has already payed for your uniforms.” Replied the associate.
“Wha? Who?”
“I don’t know, there’s no name. But a receipt for payment and a note to say to give it to Ryuko Nagano.”
“Well then… I have no complaints.” Said Ryuko, grabbing the 3 jackets and pants. “Less money I have to spend.” He smiled at the good news.
“I’m Aubrey Wilco, I’m here to pick up my order.” She spoke up, handing the woman her order form. She went into the back and brought Aubrey her jackets and skirts, handing them to the girl. “Okay Ryuko, let’s go.” The two left the store, clothes in hand, where they met up with Aubrey’s mother, who looked like a photocopy of her, hair and all. “Hey mom, this is Ryuko, he helped me find this place.”
“Hello ma’am” said Ryuko politely.
“Why hello. Thank you for helping my daughter find this store.”
“It’s no trouble. I needed to find it too.”
“Oh? So are you also attending Yokai Academy?”
“Yes ma’am I am.” Replied Ryuko with a bow.
“Good, maybe you can protect my daughter then.” Continued Aubrey’s mother, getting in the car. “I trust that you are powerful?”
“Hehe… well that all depends.” Replied Ryuko
“Depends on what?” interrupted Aubrey curiously.
“What I’m fighting for.” He said, turning around and walking away. “I’ll see you at the bus tomorrow Aubrey.” He called with a wave goodbye.
“Bye Ryuko. I’ll see you tomorrow!” she called back, waving as she closed the car door and drove off.
“Welp. Let go home.” He checked his watch “5:58… Bout time to go home.” He somehow managed to find his way back, setting his clothes down and walking into the bathroom. He hopped into the shower and got himself clean, he had become quite sweaty from all the running around that day. He stepped out and saw he had a text from his friend, Rarikou.
What’s up?
Nm, just got back from classes. Heard there was a new student coming in today, thought it might be you.
Haha, yep. It’s me, and another cute girl.
Oh really? I’m gonna have to look into this Wink
Only you Rari… only you… So I’ll see ya tomorrow at the bus stop?
I’ll be there to personally escort you into the school. Razz
Good, I don’t want to have to kill someone right when I get there
Trust me, no one has ever seen one of you before… they all think their extinct.
Really? Well they’re in for a surprise Wink
Haha, I’ll see you tomorrow bro.
Yeah, see ya.
Ryuko dropped his phone down onto his nightstand and flopped onto his bed. “I’m so tired!” he screamed right as he fell asleep, only to be woken up by his alarm clock. “Ugh.. morning already… time to go to school.” He had a smile on his face as those words escaped his lips. He truth is he was excited for today. He couldn’t wait. He packed his bag and walked out the door, ready to start his new life at Yokai Academy.
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Curse of the Beast
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