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PostSubject: Nothing...   Tue Mar 27, 2012 4:36 pm


Nothing, nothing
The absence of all
But yet even nothing has a thing within
Is there really a nothing
Or is there just not a thing
Is nothing really what is seems
Or is nothing the essence of everything
Everything is made up of particles
Particles infinitesimally small
Particles that can hardly be seen
With anything at all
Anything begets possibilities
So nothing how much more
In nothing anything can happen
In nothing anything is possible
Everything and anything
From nothing it all comes about
With not a thing
There is everything
And anything
And it all
The essence of all being
The substance of all that is
Once nothing it was
Maybe it will be nothing again
Until that day
Until that time
When time will be no more
Anything and everything for us does lie in store
From nothing comes it all
From nothing everything began
For in that nothing that there once was
There came about all things known unto man
Because nothing is not just merely absence
The missing of substance
Or the lacking of all being
But in nothing there is all
Anything you can imagine
And anything you can dream
All things are possible
Within nothing everything exists
Nothing is not a thing but so much more
For all lies within nothing
All things there are
All things that are to come
And anything and everything there ever was
From nothing the universe began
And someday to nothing it may return
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PostSubject: Re: Nothing...   Thu Mar 29, 2012 3:17 am

I REALLY love your poems, keep them coming ^^
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