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 WNA Chronicles Chapter 1

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Lethal Insanity
Lethal Insanity

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PostSubject: WNA Chronicles Chapter 1   Sat May 26, 2012 10:32 pm

Okay, so i wrote the first 2 chapters of WNA fan fic, but i got bored xD So, this is like a sub story of it. It has a few of the same characters, but most is different. Its non related to the first one, just the characters and a few relations

Hope you like it Smile My first work in a while

WNA Chronicles Chapter 1

WNA has gone to hell,literally. The entire academy is under threat from the Darkness, an evil energy that the demon masters use to feed from. The entire academy has been under constant threat by this rising and truely chaotic evil. Most of the academy members are dead. Some are captured and a small handful fight for the academy. Others come every day, but most just die. Rebecca and Cooper sit around a camp fire in one of class rooms around the academy.

Rebecca: I cant take all this sitting around any more!
Cooper: Calm down, its just for a bit longer.
Rebecca: Yeah, then what? We just charge at them?
Cooper: I dont know. Just wait till the others get back.
Rebecca: Oh, yeah. Cause all of us can take on the entire demon army shall we?
Cooper: Im not saying that.
Rebecca: Well, i dont care how we do it. I just want it to go back to the way it was. When was the last time we had a nice snack?! fact, when was the last time we ate anything?!
Cooper: Cant remember. We have been fighting for a year now. Good thing this place is protected by a demonic magic so we dont need food.
Rebecca: I dont care! I want to be able to eat again. Go back to the way things were

Rebecca sporting her favourite pair of denim jeans and red hoodie, unfortunatly, they have been worn for a year and have become ripped and torn. her face is covered in dirt and grime. good thing her jumper is red. Cooper wears his ripped base jeans and black striped polo shirt. Hes a tall lanky person. Rebecca gradually shorter than him, but arguably stronger. The two continue to sit, until they here a faint pounding on the wall. Rebecca raises her hand and clicks. The wall to the left of them surrounds in a blue dome, and the wall gradually falls to peice. Turtle stands on the other side of the wall, arms prepared for a fight,solidified into a gauntlet around his arm. His face covered in blood.

Rebecca: Where have you been?
Turtle: You mean where havent i been? Ive been everywhere in this place
Cooper: What happened to Lawliet and Fuse?
Turtle: You mean you havent heard from them?

He steps forward, as Rebecca clicks her fingers again and the dome reforms over the wall, building the wall back up, as the dust that came from it forms back into stone, and the stone forms together to create the wall

Cooper: No, we havent heard since you guys left.
Turtle: Crap.

Turtle's arm starts to retreat back into a liquid that slides up his arm and disappears, revealing his usual normal arm.

Cooper: Where does that stuff go?
Turtle: Dont know, dont care.
Rebecca: this is driving me insane! I just want out of this!

A tear starts to form in her eye. Cooper looks at Turtle and gives him a weak smile. He walks over to Rebecca to comfort her as a tear forms in her eye, unsure if its from anger or sadness.

Cooper: Rebecca. Come on. Your not normally like this (putting his hand on her shoulder)

Rebecca shrugs off his hand and stands up fast and stares at the wall.

Turtle: Is this about him?
Rebecca: Dont ever call it him! That thing out there is a monster! If i ever find it, ill kill it!
Turtle: And how do you explain you do that? You know what hes capable off, and you know it isnt him.
???: You should know better than that.

Turtle turns round fast and prepares his fists for a fight. Cooper gets up and prepares his segmented sword, covering it in flame. L walks out from the dark corner of the room

Turtle: Jesus! When did you get in here?
L: I snuck in when you lot were busy talking

Turtle and Cooper put their weapons away, sitting back down around the fire.

Turtle: Heard from Fuse yet?
L: No, not yet. Back to whats at hand here

L walks up behind Rebecca.

L: Rebecca, you should know hes not like that.

Rebecca turns round furiously.

Rebecca: Just shut up! All of you! If i ever hear you talking about it again, ill kill you were you are! Next time i see him ill make sure to do the same!
Cooper: Calm down! Please. We are all on the same side here. Take your anger out on the demons.
Rebecca: I think i will!

She clicks her fingers and brings down the wall again. Behind the wall, a hideous faced demon stands. It has the head of a lizard, but similar sized to a human. Its body is a pile of grotesque green skin, with dog like legs standing on its hide legs. Its arms resemble lion claws. It gives out a shrieking sound. Everyone prepares their weapons for a fight, but before they attack, the demons head explodes. The rest of the body twitches, blood spouting fromt he top of the dead, twitching corpse. It falls to the ground, showing a figure holding a gun standing behind them, grin on their face

Fuse: Sup bitches! You miss me?
Turtle: Wow! What the hell was that demon doing there?!
Fuse: Relax man. Its dead now
L: You idiot! That one demon would have called on others by now if it had found this place, and that shriek wasnt a scaremonger, it was a call. Others will be coming
Fuse: You mean those guys?

he points down the corridor to a group of about a dozen demons running down the hall. One of them resembles a minotaur, but skelatal horns, a hole where his heart should be and bruning eyes. Another looks like a lion with a crocodile head and a snake for a tail, running on all fours.

Turtle: Oh great. Now we gotta move! Come on guys, lets get out of here

They all come out of the room and run to the left. Fuse stands and looks down the corridor.

L: Fuse, what the fuck are you doing?

Fuse gets out his guns and they glow a white colour. He brings them both back behind him

Fuse: Ka-Boom!

he swings them both round into each other, causing the air in front of him to quake, shooting down the hallway. the lesser demons at the front of the pack instantly get killed. One of their heads pops, the other watches as its own bones raputure of its body and its skull splits in two. turtle and the others feel the force of it too, but just get knocked over ever so slightly, seen as the blast was aimed in the other direction. The stronger demons at the back of the pack climb over their dead accomplices, and continute to charge at the group. Fuse smiles and laughs as he runs after the group.

Cooper: Nice little show
Fuse: Dude, bet you those demons are like "what the fuck?! What just happened to my bros?"
Turtle: Yeah, they would be, IF THEY COULD TALK! just keep running!

They turn to run straight into a pile of rubble. They hear the demons coming up from behind them, but the pack sounds much bigger now.

Fuse: Looks like we fighting.
turtle: No, we cant. there are to many and we cant take on greater demons that easily, nevermind a huge group of them
L: hes right. we will get crushed.
Fuse: So what do we do?
turtle: Rebecca, can you use your time manipulation to get rid of this?

She turns round and swipes her hand. The rubble starts to glow blue and shake around. It suddenly flies up to the ceiling and fixes back onto the roof. The group keep on running

Fuse: How can you do that?
Rebecca: I can manipulate time and space
Fuse: So, why dont you just go back in time to before the invasion and stop all this?
Rebecca: I can only manipulate it, not control it.
Turtle: Oh fuck.

Ahead of the group, a wall of demons stands in a line. All of them showing how much thehy want to tear them limb from limb. 3 greater demons stand behind them, 6 lesser at the front. The 3 greater demons look like a bunch of wolves, but bigger. One of them has no flesh on its back legs, and no flesh at random parts through out its body. Spit foames from its mouth, melting the ground below. the other 2 seem to be the same demon. One has pink flesh and huge teeth. Its claws are abnormally huge at the front but smaller at the back. The middle demon looks the same but has slightly purple flesh. Its the same as the pink one, but with huge claws at the back. The 6 lesser demons charge towars the group. each looks like some sort of snake with arms and a hissing head filled with theeth, and the size of just smaller than a human.

Turtle: shit
L: I got this!
Cooper: Me too!

L dashes ahead of the pack, puttin his hand on his sword. he unsheathes it.


He emerses in a black and green ball, and it breaks off with great force, causing the lesser demons to slow down. He now has grey coloured skin, with black devil wings coming out his back, black talons on his hands, and curved ones on his feet. A jagged tail comes out from the base of his back. He dashes towards the lesser demons, grabbing one and tearing its head off. One of them dashes behind him, but he jaggs his tail through its head, killing it instantly. he looks at the others, and flashes off. There is a black blur, and the heads of all the demons fals off and they fall to the ground. he stands behind the greater demons. All of the huge wolves turn around to face him. One of them pounces at him, but a huge fire pillar comes up under his head. Cooper is standind behind the demon with his sword facing the ground. he pulls it out, and the beast, now with a charred head, turns around to him. he leaps into the air to avoid its bite, and he unfolds his whip sword, making it come ablaze, and swings it at the demon, cutting its head in half. He turns to see L with his claws through the head of the other wolf, front 2 huge claws missing, one still being held in L's tail. The other wolf jumps in the air, and lands on L but he quickly throws it off and puts his claw through its head, as cooper brings his burning blade down onto it, sawing it in half. The rest of the group finally catch up, and they continue to run down the corridor.

Cooper: that wasnt so bad for greater demons
Turtle: they werent greater. They were just stronger lessers.
L: that explains a lot.

A group of demons smashes through the wall. Turtle swings his gauntlet arm into them, and causes them to launch backwards down the corridor. As they run past, they notcies how crippled they are. Spines snapped, necks broken. Guts all over the wall, as al that is left of a crocodile demon is its hind legs and torso, as it just falls over.

Fuse: Bitches got served!
turtle: Just keep running!

The group gets to the battle dome. the burst through the door of the dome. As they enter, they all freeze. The entire dome is surrounded in lesser demons, and bout 30 greater demons. They all turn to go back down the corridor, but more demonds run down after them.

turtle: Shit! Looks like no more running. Okay guys, we are gonna have to-

Before he can finish, Fuse causes a quake in the ground and decimates some of the demons. the rest jump on their attackers, hoping to get a good feed. Everyone in the group spreads out and starts fighting. Fuse starts jumping over the bigger demons, shooting at other demons before jumping to another greater demon and repeating the process. Before jumping, shooting a greater demon in the head attempting to blow its brains out, but the demon just takes the pain, and uses its magic to heal itsself. Cooper is in a crowd of lessers, sweeping his flame sword around, decimating them and tearing them clean in half. L is dashing around ripping things in two, tearing the heads of greaters, trying to stop them from haeling, and actually killing one. turtle is using his fists to explode demons, causing greaters to fall to the ground, and pounding their face in. Rebecca is going around with her gauntlet dagger glove, cutting up lessers and jabbing through them, hitting the same place twice to instant kill them. She time freezes others and uses her time powers to cause universe raptures, and throws them at the demons, but the greaters can take the hits. The group eventaully end up back to back to each other, still surrounded in demons

L: what are we gonna do? these greaters are a pain in the ass to kill!
Cooper: yeah, but they cant heal everything. Just keep on them!
Fuse: Now thats what i like to hear!

the group prepare to attack again, but as they are about to, the demons charge back at them again. Suddenly, a black fluid drops from the ceiling and lands on them, some of the lessers grab the liquid and hold in their hands (or whatever they have that resembles them). Some of them even eat the substance.

turtle: Oh shit! its him! Why now?!

Suddenly, all of the black fluid turns into spikes, and goes through each of the demons. Most of them die instantly, but the greaters and a few lessers take a bit more. More of the blood lands on the demons, and they form spikes and go through them. One of greaters runs around confused, 6 black spikes poking through his head. It has the head of an ox, but the body of an eagle and has wings instead of arms but ox legs. The black fluid retracts and forms one huge patch. It forms on the back of the demons head and turns into one spike, going through its head, killing it instantly, and its body falls to the ground. Rebecca grits her teeth and crushes the head of one of the demons she had in her hand, covering her hand in blood and parts of its brain.

Rebecca: Come on then you monster! Show yourself! Im going to kill you!

The blood seeps off the demons, and touches the rest of the blood in the room. All of the blood changes black, and it all forms in the centre of the room, starting to create a humanoid. Rebecca starts to walk towards the black fluid.

Rebecca: Im going to crush you! time to die monster!

The Fluid forms together and starts to take shape. The shape of a teenage boy. dark blue zipped hoodie, baggy jeans, medium length black hair and pale skin. His right arm remains in a black liquid form.

Fuse: I cant beleive hes still alive.
Turtle: Look at him. He isnt himself

The boy has a very sad look on his face. His eyes are just black, with no pupils.

Cooper: hes a monster. its been 6 months
L: He used to be a nice guy
Rebecca: And now he must die.

The boy looks up at Rebecca, and gives her a sad look

Rebecca: Lethal.

Hope you enjoyed Smile

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Frozen Throne
Frozen Throne

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PostSubject: Re: WNA Chronicles Chapter 1   Sat May 26, 2012 11:36 pm

OH WOW, this is AWESOME LI!!!

You've done great, even get the personalities in check, mhm mhm ^^ Everything is soo good, can't wait for the next one : )
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WNA Chronicles Chapter 1
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