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 WNA chronicles chaper 3

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Lethal Insanity
Lethal Insanity

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PostSubject: WNA chronicles chaper 3   Tue May 29, 2012 10:47 am

Hope you are enjoying so far Smile

Chapter 3

Cooper grabs lethal and pins him to the ground. Lethal doesnt bother to retaliate, sinking into a depression.

Cooper: What do you mean shes going to die?! Shes my sister! I cant let this happen!

Cooper runs over to Rebecca. Turtle stands up and holds his arms up.

Turtle: Cooper. Calm down. This wont get us anyway. Besides, your not even her brother. I know shes close to you, but if Lethal says there is nothing we can do, its his power, so we cant do anything.
L: I cant beleive we are gonna lose her. Lethal, are we sure we cant do anything?

L looks over at Lethal, sitting in the corner of the room. Tears running down his face. Fuse walks over to him and sits down beside him

Fuse: Dude, ive gave you this talk before. (pointing to Rebecca). Well all know how much you care about that girl, now pull yourself together, and help her
Lethal: I cant. If she has black blood in her, the blood will slowly take over and destroy her cells, making them black.
Fuse: Yes, you can. YOU control the black blood. YOU done this to her, so you can fix it

Lethal stands up, anger across his face.

Lethal: Dont any of you get it! I cant do anything! She is going to die and its all my fault!

Lethal storms off up the stairs of the dorm, searching for a room to crash in. L attempts to follow him, but fuse puts an arm up to stop him

Fuse: Dont bother. leave him for now.
L: He needs to talk to someone.
Fuse: Leave him. He will be fine

L turns around and sits down on the nearby couch, face covered in dirt, jeans blood stained. He looks down at himself

L: damn. wish i could back to my room and get some new clothes.

Everyone else looks down at themselves, and realises the same thing.

Turtle: I think we all feel that way now. I want a shower so bad! All this running around in blood is so crap
Fuse: Me and you both bro. Hey. Anyone else hungry?

Everyone gets very sudden eyes

Cooper: where is the cantine?!
turtle: I dont give a crap! I want food!
Fuse(quietly): regret saying that. turtle, whats the plan?
Turtle: well, what can we do? Just do what we did before. Hide it out and hope we dont get killed

there is a sudden knock at the door. Everyone jumps up and gets their weapons ready, except for Turtle, who stays over Rebecca. A faint voice comes from behind the door.

???: Please, im friendly i wont hurt you.
Fuse: I know that voice...
Turtle: Fuse, wait. It might be one of the demon masters imitating someones voice.
Fuse: No...its him

he puts his guns away and moves the plant pot, and goes to open the door.

Turtle: fuse no!

he swings open the door. On the other side, a short boy stands. he has brown hair, wearing the same kind of clothes as everyone else, but wearing a blue unzipped hoodie. surprisingly, hes not as covered in dirt and mud as everyone else

Fuse: Kimo! Where the hell have you been?
Kimo: hey fuse, its about time i found you. Ive been looking everywhere for you.

Fuse stands aside and lets Kimo into the lobby. He shuts the door and moves the plantpots back into place

Kimo: Hello everyone. Im kimo. I dont think a few of us have met.
turtle: course i know who you are.

turtle gets up and gives Kimo a hug.

turtle: this is L (gesturing to L) and Cooper (gesturing to Cooper). guys, this is Kimo. One of the nicest guys you will ever meet
Kimo: hello. Nice to meet you
L: hey, welcome. Hope your not injured or something
Cooper: hey, want anything?
Kimo: No thank you, and yeah, im fine. still standing.
Fuse: so where have you been?
Kimo: Running. I got trapped in the darkness's side of the field for quite some time. Had to to hide and survive there. Its killer. So many demons. ive seen about 6 masters too
Turtle: wait, where did you see the masters?
Kimo: 4 in the darkness side, and 2 in the school. One of them wasnt that far from here.
L: what?! You mean theres a master near us?!
Kimo: Yes. I have no idea which one or how strong, but he looked straight at me and didnt bother attacking.
Turtle: wait..what...what did he look like?
Kimo: He was the wierdest master ive ever seen. he had no legs. Just floated around. Pale white skin. 2 arms, but i could have swore he seemed to have more stumps on his sides, and they looked like extra arms that he could grow. he had yellow blood seeping out from cracks all over his body. he didnt even have a heart either. There was just a hole.

Turtle has stunned eyes, and falls back onto a sofa near back.

Fuse: turtle, are you alright?
Turtle: we are in serious trouble. that master that Kimo saw, that was no ordinary master. that was Lord Kale. Hes the demon master of sorrow and sadness.
L: Why would he be in the school?
Turtle: He must feel a power of great sadness and sorrow nearby, drawing him near it.
L: I think we know what that sorrow is.
Turtle: Lethal.

Kimo takes a step back, stunned from what he has just heard.

Kimo: Lethal? Hes here?
Turtle: Yes.
Kimo: what about Rebecca? Please tell me they are safe.
Turtle: yes, but Rebecca...

Turtle takes a step to the side, revealing Rebecca on the couch. By now, her skin has turned pale. the blood around her wounds have turned black.

Kimo: Oh my. What happened to her?
turtle: Lethal infected her with black blood.
Kimo: What? why? How? Rebecca means the world to him. why would he do that?
turtle: His mind wasnt his own. he was being controlled by the darkness. He was ordered to attack us.
Kimo: How long has she been like this?
Turtle: About 6 hours now.
Kimo: Oh no. Okay, if we can move her to my bunker, i have the tools and spells there to heal her, but we need Lethal here too. Where is he?
L: he went up into the rooms. Ill go find-

Black blood seeps in from the roof and forms beside Kimo. Lethal stands and looks at him, before throwing his arms around him and bursting into tears.

Kimo: Oh, there you are. Come on. Calm down. im going to help her
lethal: its all my fault! She wouldnt be here if it wasnt for me!
Kimo: hey hey, shush. its not your fault. you will be fine

Kimo starts patting his back

turtle: Alright, lets get her moving. We need to get to Kimo's bunker. Kimo, which way is it?
Kimo: Its behind the diamondust dorm. We would need to head out through the door and down to left and out one of the nearest doors.
Cooper: the nearest doors a while down the corridor.
Turtle: yeah, so we will need to move quickly. Alright guys lets move out before-

the doors blast open and the plantpots get destroyed. everyone readies their weapons, except Kimo who watches over Rebecca. Lethal stands beside Kimo, arms blacked over in blood. Lord Kale floats in. Everyone backs up a bit, wary of his powers.

Kale: Well, isnt this a rather nice hideout you have.
turtle: Why would you are?
Kale: Ah turtle, it has been years since we last met.
Turtle: I would have prefered it to be more
Fuse: what? You've met him before.
turtle: Ill explain later.
Kale: Oh yes, we have met before. In fact, ive seen everyone in this room before, but ive only ever talked to you Turtle, and your little gory friend, Lethal.

Everyone except turtle turns to Lethal

Fuse: okay, that we never knew
Kale: well, how do you think Lethal got his powers from? it was me

kale stops talking in his deep depressing voice and opens the palm of his hand. A bit of Lethal's black blood flies over and floats in his hand

Kale: Lethals power is that off a demon. he was actually an eperiment of mine. to see if it was possible for humans to survive with demon energy in them. He wasnt meant to me like that however, he was just meant to be stronger.
Fuse: That true Lethal?
Lethal: yes. I asked Kale to give me the power to protect Rebecca.
Kale: Oh, but it wasnt a free offer was it Lethal?
Lethal:I...I also gave my soul to the darkness.
Fuse: What? so thats how he got you so easily.
kale: Oh, but Lethal was smarter. he travelled to the darkness realm and got his soul back. A strong fighter. Only one other person has ever escaped the darkness realm and that was-

Turtle morphs his arms into his gaunlets and starts glowing blue

Turtle: enough talk. get out of our way.
Kale: You think you can just destroy me and walk past me? Oh no. That wont happen, but i have no intention of destroying you.
L: then you arent going to do very well on stopping us
Kale: I said i wont, but these will.

He holds up his arms. 6 dark portals open and grow in size. a greater demon walks out of each. Each of them about 8 feet high, and all of them resemble 3 dark dogs with 3 heads.

Fuse: Holy...
turtle: No one move.
Kale: Kill them.

The 6 dogs charge towards to the group. Turtles right arm glows brighter than the rest of him. His shoulder opens up wkth 3 spikes, and energy starts to gather in it. he pulls his arm back, and punches it savagly forward. A massive beam launches out of it. It goes through the middle of the group of dogs and goes straight for Lord Kale. it hits kale, and he gets emmersed int he beam. the beam keeps going straight for the wall, but instead of hitting, a blue portal opens.

Turtle: Eat this you overgrown poodles.

2 potals appear on the wall on the left randomly, and another 2 on the right, a final on opens on the floor and the roof, creating an infitine bridge between the top and bottom. The same laser shoots out from the portals, and goes through each of the hounds, mauling them. The beam lessens off, and disappears. Everyone stands there in awe at the feat that Turtle has just done. One of the dogs is missing its heads and it has no legs. Another still has a head, but it has a huge hole through it. The other 4 arent even there any more, but chunks of their body are around the room. Turtle turns around to face the back wall, still glowing blue.

turtle: Everyone move.

Everyone takes a step to the side. he suddenly teleports to the wall and punches it. For a second, nothing happens, but then the wall suddenly falls down and incinerates. Turtle stops glowing blue and slouches over.

Turtle: Lets move. L, grab Rebecca. Kimo, lead the way

Everyone runs out the hole of the back. L with Rebecca on her shoulder.

Fuse: What the hell was that?
Turtle: A move ive been able to do for some time. takes it out of me though
Lethal: got a name for it yet?
Turtle: Not yet. I just call it big fuck of laser attack.

A smile appears on everyones face, and then it dies off as they continue running.

Turtle: L, hows she doing?
L: Weak. She wont have long i think

Rebecca's eyes open and look at Lethal. She weakly holds up an arm at him. Lethal runs up beside her.

Lethal: Save your energy. Dont worry, Kimo is here, hes going to make sure your okay. L, give me Rebecca from your shoulder.

L crouches down and drops Rebecca from his shoulder onto Lethals. Kimo runs beside him.

Kimo: we are almost there. See that sand dune? (pointing towards a sand dune in the distance) Thats it.
Fuse: Turtle, how?
Turtle: How what? everyone to the bunker!
Fuse: How did you do that?

Everyone runs into Kimos bunker. The place is well lit by induvidual floating flames. Lethal lays Rebecca down on a nearby bed, and looks at her eyes. Kimo gets to work on healing her

Turtle: Good we made it. Everyone get rested for now. Kimo, this place well hidden?
Kimo: Yeah, they wont find us here.
L: what about kale? thank god hes out of the way
Turtle: No. That move i did was powerful, but even if all of the lasers were on him, it would barely tickle him. It was just to cover our escape.
Fuse: So how did you do that?

Turtle looks down to the ground.

turtle: there is a great deal you dont know about me.
Fuse: what do you mean?
Turtle(breathing deeply first): I used to be a dark knight. I used to be allied with the darkness.

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Frozen Throne
Frozen Throne

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PostSubject: Re: WNA chronicles chaper 3   Tue May 29, 2012 11:04 pm

And Chapter 3 was awesome as well! Great job LI!


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PostSubject: Re: WNA chronicles chaper 3   Wed May 30, 2012 6:14 am

Great chapter,keep it up! And make sure L eats something,he's violent when he's hungry.

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Frozen Throne
Frozen Throne

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PostSubject: Re: WNA chronicles chaper 3   Wed May 30, 2012 6:36 pm

It would be NICE if we find some CAKE.
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Icicle Palace
Icicle Palace

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PostSubject: Re: WNA chronicles chaper 3   Sun Jun 03, 2012 12:09 am

good chapter bro
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Frozen Throne
Frozen Throne

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PostSubject: Re: WNA chronicles chaper 3   Thu Jun 07, 2012 2:25 pm

Where is chapter 4 you lazy bastard ?!?
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PostSubject: Re: WNA chronicles chaper 3   

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WNA chronicles chaper 3
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