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 WNA Fan Fic Chapter 2

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PostSubject: WNA Fan Fic Chapter 2   Thu Dec 08, 2011 7:56 pm

Kind of a lolzy chapter. Thought it would make some of you laugh xD Enjoy

Chapter 2: Triple Threat

Drago and Rebecca are down in the battle dome, training with each other. NK sits in stands watching them. Rebecca continuously flourishes Drago with attacks but Drago just avoids them with ease.

Drago: Come on! You can move faster than that

Rebecca swings faster at Drago, and he just dodge more. He reaches out and grabs her sword and throws her over her shoulder. She hits the ground and gets back up quickly

Drago: good to see you have faster responses.
Rebecca: Come on Drago. You are clearly the better fighter of us both.
Drago: Prove it

Rebecca changes her sword into a ninja blade and rushes at Drago, continuing to flurry. Cooper comes over to join NK in the stands

Cooper: Wow. those 2 have been going at it since 7am, and its now 12
NK: They woke me up
Cooper: SO whats your fascination in watching those 2 fight?
NK: Rebecca has some pretty messed up power waves.
Cooper: Wait. you can tell that?
NK: Yeah. I can feel hers from here, but its actually Drago im here to watch.
Cooper: Why so? Your fascinated by him as well?
NK: Drago is a mystery. He has been here for quite a while, but no one has ever seen his sword being realesed, and i cant tell his power length.
Cooper: Hmm...now that you mention it, he doesnt seem like he will to easily.
NK: Thats not all. Remember yesterday. Yeah, a few of us can stop Cheese and Judge's strong attacks, but Drago. Notice how he done it without scratch? There would have been bloody palms there but there was none.
Cooper: Wow. Your right.

Rebecca slashes over and over at Drago. She grinds her teeth with anger and dashes behind Drago, in an attempt to hit him. He holds up his arm and her blade hits into it, cutting through his T shirt and jumper. He kicks Rebecca back onto the ground. He walks over and holds out a hand to help her up.

Drago: You okay?
Rebecca: Yeah im fine. Im so sorry i didnt mean to cut you that deep. Are you-

She looks down at his arm and sees that there isnt a single scratch on him

Rebecca: How-
Drago: Im resiliant
Rebecca: Hmm.. Well either way im really sorry

She throws her arms over him and hugs him tightly. They both walk up to the stands beside NK and Cooper

Rebecca: hey guys
Cooper: Sups. Nice fight you had there
Rebecca: You think so?
Cooper: Yeah it was really good
Rebecca: thanks. Im pretty happy with it

She looks over and smiles at cooper and NK, turning round to hug Drago again.

NK: So Drago, you gonna reveal your secret yet?
Rebecca: What secret?

Drago holds up his arm with the cut jumper but no scar

Rebecca: Oh...that.
NK: So you gonna reveal your little secret?
Drago: I dont think so
NK: Ill get there eventually

Suddenly, there is a series of loud explosions going off over the academy

Rebecca: What the hell is that?

Drago and NK burst out laughing

NK: Yo, sound slike its happened again.
Drago: We need to go check this out. Rebecca, cooper. Come with us. Your gonna love this

The 4 of them run out of the battle dome and head into the hallways. As they step into the hall, turtle flies through the wall, hitting into another wall. When he takes his feet again, Darkfusion walks through the hole in the wall, holding two pistols, shooting blasts of his powers at Turtle. Turtle holds up his sword and blocks them before DF shoots a stronger shot, sending Turtle though another wall. He jumps away after him, back into the battle dome

Rebecca: what the hell?
Drago: there was a bunch of new girls who joined today. Enough said
Rebecca: You mean....they are fighting over them?
NK: Them and one other person, but im surprised he isnt here

Suddenly, a hole is blasted in the roof of the battle dome, and Killa lands in through the roof, wielding a twin Kusarigama connected together with a chain. He brings it down onto turtles sword, who defends with it.

Killa: those bitches are mine!
Turtle: Pffft. Dream on

DF holds up a gun at each of the leaders.

DF: Wrong, they are mine

He unleashes a barrage of bullets onto Killa and Turtle. Turtle holds up his sword and starts blcoking them. Killa runs off round the room, dodging them. Turtle holds up his blade and it changes into a wierd plasma mass that goes up and over his arm. He extends his arm out and punches DF in the face with enough force to take him off his feet and send him into the wall.

Killa: Nice move, but now you have me to deal with.

Killa dashes over the room and brings the gama’s down on turtles arm

Turtle: bad move

His other arm covers in the same substance as that on his right arm, and punches Killa in the gut, launching him over the dome into the wall. He notices DF standing back up. He runs at him, changing his left arm into a shield. DF holds up his guns and shoots a very powerful charge shot at turtle, causing him to blast a hole in his shield and send him flying backwards. Killa stands beside DF, gama’s glowing.

Killa: he he. My turn.

He grabs the chain of the gama’s and swings it around him

DF: OH fu-

Killa smashes them into the ground, causing a huge shockwave and launches DF backwards through the dome and up into the sky, also knocking turtle back who just jumped up to attack Killa from behind, hitting him back

Rebecca: ....Okay, so these guys are fighting so they can tour a group of girls?
Drago: Yep
Rebecca: Thats sexist!

She holds up her sword and attempts to climb through the hole in the wall, but Drago puts his arm out to stop her.

Drago: Just stay out of it. These guys are strong. They are the owners of this academy after all. You saw what they can do

DF falls through the roof in another hole. He gets up and kill puts one of his gamas round his neck, DF holding up a gun to his head in response. Turtle grabs killa by the jacket, but he holds his second gama to his neck, and turtle grabs DF, to which he olds up a gun. They lock themselves in a mexican standoff.

Darkfusion, Turtle, and Killa: MY BITCHES!
Drago: Okay guys bring it down a bit
NK: Yeah they are just girls
Drago:....besides, im gonna get them

He turns around to run off towards the enterance, but Rebecca kicks him right inbetween the legs, putting him on the ground in pain

Rebecca: Hmm.. I cant cut you, but your balls seem to be working. Good sign
Drago:Ugh....I was kidding
Rebecca: Oh, well i wasnt.

NK, Killa, Turtle and DF burst out into laughter and hit the ground.

Killa: Man thats classic! Who is this bitch?

Drago’s eyes seem to burn up with rage

DF: she arrived yesterday, her names Rebecca, and that guy there is Cooper
Cooper: hey
Killa: Hey. Im Killa. Owner of WNA. Now, hello there rebecca. I-

Before he can get any further, Drago gets up and punches him in the stumoch, sending him flying through another wall of the battle dome


Rebecca lets out a massive sigh as she watches Drago run of after Killa

Turtle: Wow. Someones pissed
Rebecca: Hes too protective...But hes funny and hes mine
DF: No shit. Never seen a guy get kicked in the balls so hard. Im surprised he can run after Killa like that.
Rebecca: hes persistant.
DF: I would watch what you do to him. It might ruin your chances of having a child

Rebecca looks at him with rage, and does the same thing she did to Drago, causing DF to hit the ground in pain.

DF: Its a....Joke

She picks him up and hits him again.

DF: Oh come one! *coughing* How do i get 2?
Rebecca: Felt like it! Now where is that punchbag of a boyfriend of mine? Need to hit something

She storms off after Drago. NK and turtle look at each other and shrug

Turtle: Nyeh. Food?
NK: Nyeh. Sure. Then, bitches.
Turtle:........My bitches.......

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PostSubject: Re: WNA Fan Fic Chapter 2   Thu Dec 08, 2011 8:15 pm

Fuck yes ^^. So I'm the sexist , hell yeah! Figured you would do something like that xD Anyways loved the chapter , laughed my ass off. Keep them up brah.

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χχ ∂ я α g σ кχ
χχ ∂ я α g σ кχ

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PostSubject: Re: WNA Fan Fic Chapter 2   Thu Dec 08, 2011 9:19 pm

Lol thanks. Yeah...Killa has an OP nuke move that fucks up everything....Or does it Surprised

I will Smile

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PostSubject: Re: WNA Fan Fic Chapter 2   Fri Dec 09, 2011 1:39 pm

Well Its good that I fuck up everything IRL also *wink wink*

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PostSubject: Re: WNA Fan Fic Chapter 2   Fri Dec 09, 2011 2:18 pm

ruining MY chances of having a child isnt funny *thumbs down*

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PostSubject: Re: WNA Fan Fic Chapter 2   Fri Dec 09, 2011 8:22 pm

I'm not in it? What a shame. Can't you spare me or am I not too awesome enough to be in it?
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PostSubject: Re: WNA Fan Fic Chapter 2   

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WNA Fan Fic Chapter 2
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