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 Making Epicness Chapter #1: Test Subject; Turtle

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GFX Artist
GFX Artist

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PostSubject: Making Epicness Chapter #1: Test Subject; Turtle   Thu Feb 09, 2012 11:33 am

It was a nice Saturday morning, PsychoTurtle was sleeping in his room at Icicle Palace, and the moment he woke up he quickly went to see how everyone else was doing at White Night Academy. The first person Turtle saw was the new kid, J.J. Knight.
J.J. Knight introduced himself "Hello. I am J. J. Knight. I am formerly known as Krobra, author of The Seattle Massacre."
Turtle replied "Hey JJ nice to have ya here! Im turtle"
"Nice to meet you, turtle. Would you like a duel with me?" J.J. Asked
"Naah you cant you need to get tested" Said PsychoTurtle.
"Can you test me?" J.J. asked
"I'm not a tester, but there's Rarikou. he can test you." Answered Psychoturtle.
"Thanks!" J.J. walked away to get tested.
But Psychoturtle just remembered that he wanted to talk to Rarikou. He quickly ran and told J.J. "Hey Wait, I just remembered Rarikou doesn't test anymore. Go talk to DarkFusion, he can test you!"
"Meh, alright." J.J. said, while looking around for DarkFusion
Psychoturtle went to talk to Rarikou "Hey Rari! You wanna duel??"
Rarikou Replied "KK but just so you know I trolled the demon king"
Psychoturtle laughed out loud, but then said "Whatever Rari, I trolled the demon king's mom."
Rarikou laughed his ass off.
Psychoturtle then asked "well are we gonna duel or not?"
Rarikou denied "Nooo I'm too busy.."
Psychoturtle asked "Busy doing what?"
Rarikou Replied "I'm just busy so stfu"
Psychoturtle replied "I'm a sexeh little turtle and you're jealous"
Rarikou replied with sarcasam "Sure you are.."
DarkFusion was walking around when he saw Turtle, while J.J. Knight was walking behind him.
"For the thousandth time, I don't give tests!!" DarkFusion yelled at J.J.
"But Turtle said you do, and you know he doesn't lie!!" J.J. Knight said.
DarkFusion facepalmed. "Hey, there's Rarikou! He can test you!" Said DarkFusion
"But Turtle said that Rarikou doesn't test people!" J.J. Knight said.
"TURTLE WAS TROLLING YOU" DarkFusion yelled.
"TURTLE DOESNT TROLL!" J.J. Knight yelled.
DarkFusion then permanently banned J.J. Knight from White Night Academy, while Rarikou and Psychoturtle were watching. Rarikou and Psychoturtle both Laughed their asses off.
"umad?" Said Psychoturtle to DarkFusion.
"no u" DarkFusion replied.
"So many noobs in this world Q.Q" Said Rarikou.
"I know right" said Psychoturtle.
"Turtle what dorm are you in?" Rarikou asked Psychoturtle
"He's in DiamondDust mountain olololololol he's nuub" Answered DarkFusion
"That's because I didn't get tested. That's how pro I am." Said Psychoturtle
"Orly? Then show me whatcha got! I challenge you to an official duel!" said DarkFusion
"You're on!!!" said Psychoturtle.
They both activated their duel disks.
"Meh I gotta go" said Rarikou, while leaving.
"My turn, draw! I set 1 monster and 5 cards, then end." Said DarkFusion
"Heavy storm, umad?!" said Psychoturtle
"Starlight Road, no u!!" said DarkFusion
"I activate bottomless traphole" said Psychoturtle
"What the f.. You can't do that." said DarkFusion
"Lmao DF Check the Yugioh Wikia homepage." said Psychoturtle
"wtf? okay I'll check." said DarkFusion "Wtf? There's some article, hold on lemme read. 'Breaking News, The great and mighty lord of epic, Psychoturtle, has bought Konami and now he can do whatever he wants with Yugioh. There is a new rule in Yugioh. Psychoturtle can do anything, and no matter what he wins' "MOTHER OF FU**?!!?!" Yelled DarkFusion.
"Follow the rules or I permaban you from dueling, UMAD?" said Psychoturtle "Bow down and worship your great ruler!"
"I can't duel in a world called PsychoTurtle land!!" said DarkFusion
DarkFusion was slowly stepping back, while Psychoturtle was slowly stepping forward. They were even outside the academy
"Muahehhe..Come now DarkFusion.. Come now.." said Turtle in a tricky mood.
"I don't know who you are anymore.. Who are--" DarkFusion was interrupted because he fell down a small hole, it wasn't painful but there was some sort of metal pipe that his head landed on, as he passed out. DarkFusion heard voices.. They were calling his name, with the voices of Psychoturtle and Rarikou
"DarkFusion.. DarkFusion.. DarkFusion.. DarkFusion!!"
The last one woke him up, he found himself DarkFusion was lying on his bed at his room, two of his best friends, which were Rarikou and PsychoTurtle, were looking at him.
"Oh GOD finally, he's awake!!" said Rarikou.
"Good, coz I was gonna start beating him if he didn't." said Turtle.
"Get away from me, Turtle!" said DarkFusion.
"Why, is something wrong?" asked Psychoturtle.
"Whatever it was, it was probably just a bad dream, I mean, YOU ATE 6 STINKIN' PIZZAS BEFORE YOU WENT TO SLEEP! I MEAN GODDAM, SERIOUSLY!!!!" Yelled Rarikou.
"Lmao, good point." Said DarkFusion, while laughing.
"Speaking of which.." said Turtle.
"Yeah?" Asked DarkFusion
"Who's up for 18 more pizzas?!" Yelled turtle.
They all yelled "I AM!"

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Icicle Palace
Icicle Palace

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PostSubject: Re: Making Epicness Chapter #1: Test Subject; Turtle   Thu Feb 09, 2012 11:42 am

You made me look like an idiot. >.> You're lucky I'm not taking that as a decleration of war....

'Oh good, he's awake" said Rarikou'

I woulda been more like "Oh GOD, he's awake'.

Gotta add my natrual sarcasm.

It's like ya don't even know me at all
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PostSubject: Re: Making Epicness Chapter #1: Test Subject; Turtle   Thu Feb 09, 2012 11:43 am

Ugh,this is sick lol. Now that I commented make me my Joshua avi.

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Icicle Palace
Icicle Palace

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PostSubject: Re: Making Epicness Chapter #1: Test Subject; Turtle   Thu Feb 09, 2012 1:37 pm

Didnt i told ya befour turto? UR A HITLER!!!!!!!!!!!

The funny'est person was j.j knight tho xD

fuse wont be happy after this

and i liked the end it was yummy but really? 17 pizza u fat man?
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Diamondust Mountain
Diamondust Mountain

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PostSubject: Re: Making Epicness Chapter #1: Test Subject; Turtle   Thu Feb 09, 2012 2:11 pm

xD tutle bought konami so he can make any rules WTF!!! xD and fuse in panic xD lol thats funny
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PostSubject: Re: Making Epicness Chapter #1: Test Subject; Turtle   

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Making Epicness Chapter #1: Test Subject; Turtle
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