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 DN Fails of the Week #2 ----- Oh yeah now we are rolling

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PostSubject: DN Fails of the Week #2 ----- Oh yeah now we are rolling   Sun Feb 12, 2012 9:42 pm

Since last week's fail was so successful, I decided to keep posting this every week Razz

Let's start with some more 'SCREW THE RULES I AM A NOOB' People

RedZombie22: his cheating
lasercut: how is he cheating?
RedZombie22: he put a monster out of no were n it was to late
lasercut: ?
lasercut: he summoned a monster after he atked?
RedZombie22: yes
lasercut: did he summon a monster befor ehe atk?
RedZombie22: n he is trying to xyz
RedZombie22: i think so
TankFGI: What monster was that redzombie
RedZombie22: photon thrasher

Ok so this guy is saying you can not summon during main phase two. When I told him monsters can be summoned if you didn't summon during main phase one. He went he summoned photon thrasher !!!! (note: to all of you who can't be bothered check for thrasher's effect: Cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. Must first be Special Summoned (from your hand) while you control no monsters.). yeah don't need to explain anymore

Thanks to L for the next one:

Yeah classic veiler on rabbit Razz

Right moving up the retarded meter we have

MisplayAllDay: yes theres a problem im being rule sharked!
RainbowWarrior: then he tried to flip d-prison
RainbowWarrior: can he do that?
lasercut: misplay how are you being rule sharked
MisplayAllDay: he wont let me play d pris after i play mirror force
MisplayAllDay: he made up some stuff about priority or something idk
lasercut: you want to chain prison before bribe?
MisplayAllDay: i play mirror force
MisplayAllDay: he chain bribe
MisplayAllDay: then i play dim pris
lasercut: you can not chain prison to bribe
MisplayAllDay: i didnt chain
lasercut: bribe is a counter trap spell speed 3
lasercut: if you didn't chain you can't use prison
MisplayAllDay: why..
MisplayAllDay: you can play two bottomless on a monster
lasercut: since the atk declaration phase already gone after the chain resolves
MisplayAllDay: other mods says thats ok
lasercut: if you bottomless, then opp chains bribe you can not use another bottomless
lasercut: which mods said it's ok to do that
MisplayAllDay has left the duel

Self explanitary (you can't chain prison to bribe because bribe is SS3 and after bribe resolves the atk declaration is over so you can't prison). And why do people try to lie when they are proven wrong >.> (yeah I'm wrong so I'll just lie about another admin.....)

xgamez003: i can use prio on rescue rabgit when laggia negates its smmon?
lasercut: no you can not

no comment.......

Right time for even more stupidity

soceCR7: admin I appealed tour and took her eff and called another ... then I merged the wind up and he said that it can not
lasercut: otaku problem?
otakugamefreak: arnt xyz cards considered synchos?

am I reading this right???? Erm let's see
Xyz is spelt X-y-z
Synchros is spelt S-y-n-c-h-r-o
How the hell can the two be the same?!!!!

lasercut: prblem?
Klompchomp: my dueling note was no syncro or xyz and hes using both and i refuse to duel someone who ignores my note
lasercut: you can not limit that in your duel notes
JesseWithaJ: he doesnt wan to duel me because i use synchros
Klompchomp: yes i can
lasercut: you can only limit TCG or OCG in the duel notes
JesseWithaJ: no
JesseWithaJ: lol
Klompchomp: you can duel with out them
JesseWithaJ: that doesnt stop the other duelist from using them tho
lasercut: http://forum.duelingnetwork.com/h20-duel-notes-rules
lasercut: read the rules before you say anything
Klompchomp: fuck all of you admins
Klompchomp has left the duel

Immediate ban after.... These people never learn.

spain8: http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Quick-Play_Spell_Card that link opens prnsite
spain8: grrrrr
(GON) devilfairy: it's wikia rulngs on spell
spain8: Sad
spain8: nooo its not
lasercut: erm thats a wikia link
spain8: it
(GON) devilfairy: xD
lasercut: i just opened it
spain8: opened a prnsite

I have no idea what this guy watches on a daily basis *cough*p0rn*cough*
Anyway, either that or he is smoking weeds....
Or he is just a down right liar.
Oh and please do go on that link, it has lots of pretty images (maybe he was referring to the OCG uncensored version of the cards hmmm).

Again I have left the best for last these two are awesome


Opp went first set two, end,
I draw
Rage Quit
Epic win Very Happy

hypnacio: i don't know how to special summon from the deck

I found button guy's lost brother :O

That's all for this week, if you have a fail pm me it and I may add it Razz

Sig by Necro1 Very Happy
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Snowstorm Peak
Snowstorm Peak

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PostSubject: Re: DN Fails of the Week #2 ----- Oh yeah now we are rolling   Sun Feb 12, 2012 9:47 pm

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Diamondust Mountain
Diamondust Mountain

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PostSubject: Re: DN Fails of the Week #2 ----- Oh yeah now we are rolling   Sun Feb 12, 2012 10:07 pm

ROFLMAO, that's pretty hilarious i mean, the last one was just a pure fail
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Frozen Throne
Frozen Throne

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PostSubject: Re: DN Fails of the Week #2 ----- Oh yeah now we are rolling   Sun Feb 12, 2012 10:50 pm

"lasercut: if you bottomless, then opp chains bribe you can not use another bottomless"

A person just do that to me but with Torrential, he was 1450 rating "Pitbull"something... So pro stuff...
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Diamondust Mountain
Diamondust Mountain

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PostSubject: Re: DN Fails of the Week #2 ----- Oh yeah now we are rolling   Sun Feb 12, 2012 11:00 pm

lol I think I should try 6 samurais xD and the last one

" hypnacio: i don't know how to special summon from the deck "

meh thought he was blind too like the one who said

" where is the button "

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PostSubject: Re: DN Fails of the Week #2 ----- Oh yeah now we are rolling   

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DN Fails of the Week #2 ----- Oh yeah now we are rolling
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