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 Crystal Legacy - Chapter 2

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Toxic Alchemist

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PostSubject: Crystal Legacy - Chapter 2   Thu Feb 16, 2012 1:04 am


“So you're Bishop, huh?” the tester asks. “I can't say I wasn't expecting more from the son of the famous Jesse Anderson, wielder of the mighty Rainbow Dragon.”

“Oh, so you've heard of him?” I ask. I activate my duel disk. I draw five cards, and almost drop them at the sight.

Sapphire Pegasus, Emerald Tortoise, Crystal Beacon, Crystal Release, and Amethyst Cat. My father left me his Crystal Beast Deck.

“I'll go first!” the man announces. “I'll set one monster, and end my turn.”

“Then it's me!” I yell. I draw Crystal Promise. “I summon Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus!”

“The Crystal Beasts!?” the tester gasps.

“My Pegasus' effect allows me to add one Crystal Beast monster in my deck to my Spell &Trap Card zone as a gem. And I choose Topaz Tiger! Next, I'll equip Pegasus with the spell Crystal Release! Now his attack power is boosted by 800 points!”

“Not bad, kid!”

“Now, Sapphire Pegasus, attack his face-down!” I yell. Pegasus charges forward, and the monster flips face-up. I see Penguin Warrior flip up, and I sigh.

“I activate my Penguin's effect!” he says. “I return Penguin Warrior and Sapphire Pegasus to our hands!”

Pegasus and Penguin leave the field, and my spell is destroyed.

“Crystal Release activates!” I announce. “Now, because it was sent to the graveyard, I get to add another Crystal Beast monster to my Spell & Trap card zone. This time, I'm going with Amber Mammoth!”

“Not bad, kid! But remember that they don't count as monsters, and therefore can't protect your life points!”

“Way ahead of ya, partner,” I joke. “I activate the spell Crystal Beacon! Now, because I have two monsters in my Spell & Trap card zone, I can special summon another Crystal Beast monster from my deck! And I choose Ruby Carbuncle!!”

The small purple monster appeared in defense position. “You think that shrimp can protect you!?”

“Don't be so quick to judge the little guy, because I'm activating Ruby's effect! Because he was special summoned, I can summon all the Crystal Beasts in my Spell & Trap zone to the field! That means that Amber Mammoth and Topaz Tiger get to come out to play!”

Amber Mammoth and Topaz Tiger appear, respectively wielding 1700 and 1600 attack points.

“My turn!” he announces. He draws, and smiles. “I play Hand Destruction! Now we both discard 2 cards, and then we draw 2!”

I discard Amethyst Cat and Emerald Tortoise. When I draw, it's Rainbow Gravity and Dark Hole. Perfect.

I think through how the duel has progressed. So far, I've got Amber Mammoth, Emerald Tortoise, Amethyst Cat, Ruby Carbuncle, and Topaz Tiger either on the field or in the graveyard. I'm just about ready to summon Rainbow Dragon.

“Next I'll summon Alexandrite Dragon in attack mode! Now, I'll banish it to summon Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon!! Now, with his special ability, I summon Lightpulsar Dragon from my hand!”

Two dragons, one weaved from darkness and the other from light, appear on the Tester's field. “Well, I can't say I was expecting that.”

“Now, Lightpulsar Dragon, attack Ruby Carbuncle!” he yells. The dragon shoots a beam of dazzling light at Ruby, who turns into a gem in my Spell & Trap card zone. “Now, Red-Eyes, attack Topaz Tiger!” The other dragon shoots a ball of fire at my tiger, so it appears in my Spell & Trap card zone as well. My life points fall to 3100.

“My move!” I yell. I draw Ancient City – Rainbow Ruins. “I set one card face-down, and activate Ancient City – Rainbow Ruins! Now I'll summon Sapphire Pegasus once more! Now, I'll place Cobalt Eagle in my Spell & Trap card zone. That's it for me.”

“Hmph,” the tester grunts. “You may have the Crystal Beasts, but you're not half the duelist your father was. Now, Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon, attack Amber Mammoth!” Amber Mammoth also goes up in flames, and my life points fall to 2000. “And Lightpulsar Dragon, Pegasus is your target. Go!!!” Pegasus also bites the dust, and my life points falls to 1300.

“You'd better think of something quick, kid,” he says. “Or you won't even get into Slifer.”

“Don't be so sure!” I yell. “I play the spell card Dark Hole, destroying both of your monsters, as well as my Pegasus!” The field is cleared, and Pegasus goes to the graveyard because my Spell & Trap card zone is filled.

“Good job, now you have NO chance of victory!” he yells. “Better go buy a plane ticket.”

“Actually, I've already won,” I say. “I reveal my face-down, Rainbow Gravity! Now, because I have 3 crystal beasts in my graveyard, and 4 on the field, I can summon the most powerful monster in all of duel monsters!”

“No, that's impossible!” the tester whines. “Not—”

“I summon Rainbow Dragon!!!” I yell. The walls of the arena shake as it emerges. Duels all around us come to a halt as they see my three-story tall dragon appear. Brightly colored jewels line its neck, and it roars into the air.

“Unbelievable!” I hear someone yell.

“Now, Rainbow Dragon, attack his life points directly!” I yell. “RAINBOW REFRACTION!!”

Rainbow Dragon shoots a beam of light at the tester, blowing him off his feet, and reducing his life points to zero. I turn around just in time to witness my monsters' full glory before it vanishes.

“Game over,” I say. My duel disk deactivates, and I step off the platform

Other duelists flock around me, asking for another peek at the Rainbow Dragon. I brush them off, returning to my seat in the stadium.

“That was pretty impressive,” a girl said. I see the girl with the dark blue hair sit down again, resting her combat boots on the chair in front of her. “I'm Dianne.”


“So your Dad was Jesse?” she asks. “My Dad dueled him once, and he was apparently pretty good.”

“My Dad used the same deck I'm holding right now,” I say. “It was his last gift before he....before he died.”

“Oh, sorry to hear that,” Dianne says.

“So who's your Dad?” I ask.

Dianne points to a balcony on the far side of the arena. “The Chancellor of Duel Academy. Zane Truesdale.”[b]
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Diamondust Mountain
Diamondust Mountain

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PostSubject: Re: Crystal Legacy - Chapter 2   Thu Feb 16, 2012 1:17 am

WOAH, Zane is the chancellor? now that is a plot twist. I loved this duel? and u played all the right cards at all the right times.

Just make sure too add more dialogue to it, explaining would definitely help with creating an image
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Crystal Legacy - Chapter 2
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