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 Fails of the week#3 ------- So much fail

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PostSubject: Fails of the week#3 ------- So much fail   Mon Feb 20, 2012 12:00 am

First one is a really old one, but that doesn't make it any less funny

lasercut: Q1. i control e hero shining, and i atk in to a ryko, ryko targets shining, what happens next?
jonel&darkangel: plop
lasercut: and then?
jonel&darkangel: man shining is drestroy and send to the grave
jonel&darkangel: add hero monster
lasercut: ok
jonel&darkangel: ryko mill 3
jonel&darkangel: xS
jonel&darkangel: IM A JUDGE

Nice judging skills....
Yes so shining definitely doesn't miss the timing....

lasercut: i don't know
Charge of the Celts: WHERE I FIND OUT
lasercut: Probably the head admins
Charge of the Celts: hey do you thinkk you could give me a reccomendation
lasercut: nope
Charge of the Celts: im a really good player know pretty much all rulings besides the really obscure ones and id love to help out
Charge of the Celts: ive been playing the game for yeards

Guess what he bugged me for the next 25mins trying to make me
recommend him.......

I2awPower: if i mind control his monster then book it do i keep it at end of turn?
lasercut: no you do not keep it
00Zero: i told u
I2awPower: or is that only with enemy controller?
lasercut: er e con won't be affected by book either
lasercut: return the monster back please
I2awPower: how would his monster go back to his field if the monster technically doesnt exist cause its faced down
00Zero: =) u control it face down
lasercut: facedown monsters still exists
00Zero: yep
lasercut: the game knows which monster changed control
lasercut: regardless if it's faceup or not
I2awPower: but the ruling is that you dont know
I2awPower: what the face down monstr is
lasercut: you don't know, doesn't mean the game mechanic doesn't know
lasercut: return the monster please
I2awPower: look up enemy controller rulings
00Zero: return the monster pls
I2awPower: im sure it applies to it
I2awPower: idk about mind control tho
lasercut: how much do you want to bet
I2awPower: im right i get admin?
lasercut: lol
I2awPower: ive been to regionals and done this
lasercut: Brain Control: If you gain control of an opponent's monster with a card like "Brain Control" or "Enemy Controller" and then the monster is flipped face-down by an effect like "Book of Moon", then the effect of "Enemy Controller" is still applied, and control of the monster still returns back to your opponent during the End Phase.[55]
I2awPower: lemme search my ruling
lasercut: you have 1 min
I2awPower: lol
I2awPower: my comps slow...
00Zero: .....
I2awPower: let me pm it to u later?
lasercut: fine
I2awPower: im pretty sure im right on this
I2awPower: i did this at regionals recently and ppl called judge
I2awPower: forgot the ruling tho
I2awPower: something about how its not a monster anymre

Why does everyone go 'oh but a judge ruled it right for me at regionals' when I proved they are wrong >.>
Seriously. And since when did facedown monsters not being treated as monster ?! O.o

Now for some classic negate summon stuff

lasercut: zenmaines to grave
yugi muto!: negate the Summon OR activation, and destroy that card.
lasercut: negate the summon
lasercut: i.e. the summon never happened

yeah this guy tried to use zenmaines eff to protect itself from warning

Fabipwnsu: i negated summon of quasar
RoChito98-roc: I active eff
Fabipwnsu: cant
lasercut: you can't use quasar effect
lasercut: quasar summon negated
RoChito98-roc: eff
lasercut: can't
Fabipwnsu: NO Very Happy
RoChito98-roc: why?

And quasar, whats more this guy tired to summon shooting star dragon after he sent quasar to grave.

Next one isn't from DN but just the stupidest accusation I've ever seen

Edward wrote:
I found smth usefull.

Deck 1 is DF's deck, he did some bad few changes, like adding ocean, probs to make it less obv ._.
And 2nd deck is laser's deck.
Have fun

If you note the shriek post time it was 12th of feb
but I duelled with my deck on the 11th. So apparently I'm psychic and can net deck future decks *nod* *nod*

This one is from pojo


if i fiendish chains ur rabbit u cant pay cost if u dont call prio before his effect is negated same reason why u can send for brio if its veilered but u dont get effect cause ur prio lets u pay cost first...

so fiendish chain negates costs too huh? Must remember that in future rabbit matchups Very Happy

Now for ragequit action:

Panzer.: i active dark world dealings
Panzer.: but my opponets not want discard and draw
Panzer.: .-.
vinichaos: and actives snoww eff
vinichaos: but he cant
lasercut: snoww get to search when discarded by own effect
lasercut: the new text is misleading
vinichaos has left the duel

yes yes I know the new snoww text is misleading but seriously?

lasercut: problem?
KIRAfollower: not really
KIRAfollower: he uses cannon soldier and pulsar eff
KIRAfollower: pulsar does miss timing right
lasercut: yup
Switzer24 has left the duel

So pulsar was released how many months ago? Why the hell do people still don't know the effect and still tries to do the loop O.o

Time for the most retarded people:

youhioh: geartown to geartown
youhioh: self
Mascerader: he or she said that i cant destroy my field
Mascerader: by playing a card myself
youhioh: he or she haha Smile
Mascerader: another field spell
lasercut: yes you can
Mascerader: lol thx
youhioh: he can????????????????god
youhioh: why

why do I have to explain something this simple. Read the rule book >.>

zeropunch1987: target token
zeropunch1987: he's trying to with d prison
lasercut: you can prison a token
zeropunch1987: still dont believe that

>.> one word RETARDED

and the best one this week is

Sync Fresh: Hes tryna warning DMG step
lasercut: He can warning during the dmg step
Sync Fresh: …
Sync Fresh: STFU

instant kick after the last line.....

Sig by Necro1 Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Fails of the week#3 ------- So much fail   Mon Feb 20, 2012 12:24 am

Hahahahaha these are rofl again i cant sotp laughing xDDD

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Snowstorm Peak
Snowstorm Peak

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PostSubject: Re: Fails of the week#3 ------- So much fail   Mon Feb 20, 2012 3:27 am

LMFAO nice ones
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Icicle Palace
Icicle Palace

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PostSubject: Re: Fails of the week#3 ------- So much fail   Mon Feb 20, 2012 3:52 am

lol the edward one is the funniest
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GFX Artist
GFX Artist

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PostSubject: Re: Fails of the week#3 ------- So much fail   Mon Feb 20, 2012 5:32 am

Wanna hear the funniest of all?

So, my brother was being Admin on DN and some guy PM'd him
??????: can i have your account?
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Diamondust Mountain
Diamondust Mountain

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PostSubject: Re: Fails of the week#3 ------- So much fail   Mon Feb 20, 2012 12:57 pm

lol xD
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GFX Artist
GFX Artist

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PostSubject: Re: Fails of the week#3 ------- So much fail   Mon Feb 20, 2012 1:43 pm

hahahahahah ^_^
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PostSubject: Re: Fails of the week#3 ------- So much fail   

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Fails of the week#3 ------- So much fail
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