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 Rarikou's Write-a-thon

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Icicle Palace
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PostSubject: Rarikou's Write-a-thon   Tue Feb 21, 2012 10:01 pm

Rarikou's Write-a-thon- Week 1

Alright People, Random Contest time. You enter, you have a shot of at least winning something... and besides? Who here hasn't typed SOMETHING?

So, Ive decided ill be hosting weekly to bi-weekly writing contests. You can submit up to 3 entries, 1 entry per one category.

1st Prize: 400 credits, bragging rights, I'll host a ling on all meh sigs on every site I am telling them to see your work., until the next week, bi week contest begins.

2nd Prize 200 credits

The categories this week are:

Fanfic: A duel to remember: write a short fanfiction on a duel between 2 people. Decks are up to you, as are the people. Just make it nice, detailed, and matches the rules

Poetry- Romancing a Pastry- You are a strawberry flavored cupcake who can walk and talk, and one day, you wind a vanilla wedding cake. Love at first sight. Write a short poem 'anywhere between 2-3 quatrains, though you can go further, on how you romance that delicious

Essay: March 2012: The Debate from hell : voice your opinions on the March 2012 banlist, and dexcribe the changes you would make, if you were in charge. 300-400 words.

Submitting an entry: to submit, make a post with your title, followd by [category]

so, If I was making a poem to submit for this week, I would make mt title 'Ode To Vanilla [poetry]

in your post at the top right, but the contest number, for reference as to witch weeks contest your entering

You could also post a link to your entries here, If you so desired.

So everyone: good luck, and have fun XD
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Rarikou's Write-a-thon
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