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 Story of My Life

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PostSubject: Story of My Life   Sat Apr 21, 2012 1:53 am

Story of My Life

Caught in between two worlds
Swept up in the fray
The skirmish upon me
Each and every day
The world will not accept me
They will not see me for who I am
Society sees me as being different
And will not let me be all that I can
I am oppressed by the masses
I am chained up and put away
I am imprisoned
Because I am not the same
I am different
But being different is not bad
I do not harm others
And I do not want any further harm to be done to myself
But I am not the one
Inflicting upon me the pain
That is the doing of others
Who think there is something wrong in my brain
Just because I am different
Does not mean that I am ill
I am sick of all the bullshit
And all the bad hands I have been dealt
People look at my past
Troubled and spotted as it is
And they do not let me be me
They do not let me live
My whole life
I have only yearned to be free
Free from the fetters
Of a misguided society
Free from the torture
Free from the pain
Free from the captivity
I am constantly in
Free from oppression
Free from desire
The desires the world has
To cast me aside into the fire
I am different
I am troubled
I am very pained
But the world is not helping
They will not comprehend when I explain
I am sane
I am sentient
I am one of God's creatures
There is nothing wrong with me
Nothing that needs to be repaired
I am doing all that I can
And trying harder each day
But the world keeps pushing at me harder
They will not let me escape
I only want tolerance
I only want peace
I only want people to realize
That there is nothing wrong with me
I want to be allowed
To be who I am
But every time I move forward
People push me right back down again
My life has been horrid
My life has been rank
With the stink of disparity
And the aroma of pain
The smell of suffering
And the sound of agony
A strong mind
A free spirit
That longs to be released
That longs for a day
When the world will let it be
When it will no longer be imprisoned
And can be truly free
A strong will
Constantly pushing on
Against the world
And getting pieces chipped off
Being smashed
Being shattered
Time and time again
For being what it is
For being different
For not being wrong
For not being ill or insane
But for just merely not being the same
And being treated so harshly
Being treated so rash
All the help the world tries to give me
Is just holding me back
I want help
I want aid
I want to escape
From all the suffering and pain
But the help others offer
Is help of the kind I have nothing from which to gain
I want to be independent
I want to be free
Free to get along in the world
Free to be me
I want to gain the means
By which I can be my own financial support
I want to learn
What I need
To get along in this world
I want to gain
The means to escape
From all the desperation
The world inflicts upon me
I want security
I want relief
I want a feeling
A feeling of peace
I want to be able to know
That I will have a roof over my head
Some kind of shelter
And food to be fed
I want to know
That I can be me
That I can be who I am
With out the world thinking I have some sort of disease
I am different
I am apart
From those around which I dwell
But just because I am not the same
Does not mean you need to put me through hell
my whole life has been
One misconception right after the other
I am dogged and despised
Just because I am not like the others
They shun me
They shame me
They send me away
They try to change me
Because I am not the same
They try to mold me
And shape me their way
They try to bend me
To the point past where I would break
But when I do not crumble
When I do not fall
They just keep twisting more
And more of me off
I am caught in between two worlds
This constant battle I have fought
And am still fighting
O what pain it has wrought
What havoc has been the outcome
Of this war in and outside of me
I just want freedom
But people will not let me be free
I want deliverance
From the world and its ways
I want salvation
And some true peace
I want this war
To come to a close
But it is a war
At all costs I must not lose
I want to win
The rights to be who I am
I want to be able
To be the claimant of myself
To win the prize
That is within me
That is only wanting
To be allowed to be free
I no longer want to be tortured
I want no more pain
I want people to see
That there is nothing wrong with my brain
I want to be treated
Just like every one else
I want the ability
To just be myself
I want to be held back no longer
I want to pass on
Into a new chapter of my life
Into a place of my own
I want it all to end
I want no more of the pain
I want to be free
And not emotionally chained
I want to be let in
And not exiled by the world
For exile truly is worse than death
And I am an exile
I am an outcast
I have been cast out in the rain
I have been made to suffer
To drown in my pain
I have been alive
But I have never lived
I have been dead
But yet here I am
I have been choked
And let not to breath
As the world and its ways
Extracts all the life from me
I still press on
I move forward only to find myself back at square one again
I go forward in life
With no one on which I can depend
I do not need your help
I do not need to be oppressed any longer
But I do not have the means to free myself
The key to my salvation has been lost in the squander
I do not know
Any longer what I must do
How long must I hold on
With no where to move
I am dangling
I am hanging
On to a thread
A slight glimmer of hope
That is almost dead
That wishes to be sparked
That wants to burst into flame
But is struggling now
For any bit of oxygen
That would almost rather be put out
Put out and put away
Than to hold on much longer
With out being allowed to be free
Free to burst out
And be what it was meant to be
Be that fire
So that others might see
See the light
Not see the rain
Live in happiness
Not in constant pain
Live in understanding
Of the shadows I cast
Live in the knowledge
That all things must pass
But this turmoil
This strife
This unending pain
I want it to be no more
But I not wish to have the same end
I want to live
Not to die
I want freedom
Not to cease and desist
I want to be able to live my life
I just want to be me
I want to be allowed
To be all that I am
Not to be put out
To be cast off
To be tried to made into something different
My differences are troubling
More to me than anyone else
They trouble me so
Because I am not allowed to be myself
They are so troubling
And they cause me so much despair
Not because they are broke
But because others try to fix that which is not in need of repair
People break me
People crush me
And trample me underfoot
Every time they claim to be trying to help me
They do me more bad than good
I want to be accepted
Not to be locked away
I only wish for tolerance
I only want to be me
I do not want
To be oppressed any longer
I want to be free
I want my honor
I want the victory
But it is something I can not seem to attain
It is me against the world
It is easy to see who would win
I am bested
I am beaten
Time and time again
For only being me
For only being who I am
It is my one true desire
My whole life's goal
To be accepted
And able to make it in this world
I want the best
For me and everyone else
I want what is truly right
And I want nothing else
I do not want what others see
I do not perceive things the same way
I only want
To be no longer plagued by disparity
I want others to realize
That I am the same
And that from all the help they offer
They only bring me more pain
The help I need
The aid I do seek
Is the bestowing of the power
To allow me to be released
To be released from the bondage
I am in emotionally each day
To attain balance
To gain peace
I wish for a ceasefire
But the world wishes for it not
I want to sign a treaty
But society has me in a tight spot
I have my back to the wall
And no where else to turn
I am lost on the waters
And there is a constant storm
I am tossed and toppled
I am capsized and sank
I am lost
But I am looking
For a light to shine the way
A way to liberation
A way to peace
A way to acceptance
Of me for being me
A way to the time
And a way to the place
Where I may be a captive no longer
And restored to good grace
I seek not mercy
I seek not pity or sympathetic ears
I seek people
That will comprehend
And not only hear
I seek doers
Those that practice
The goodwill that they preach
But more than anything else
I seek to be allowed to be me
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GFX Artist
GFX Artist

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PostSubject: Re: Story of My Life   Thu Apr 26, 2012 10:42 am

Nice O_O Keep it up!
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Icicle Palace
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PostSubject: Re: Story of My Life   Thu Apr 26, 2012 9:36 pm

i had the patience of a high school teacher while reading all this
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Icicle Palace
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PostSubject: Re: Story of My Life   Sun Nov 11, 2012 7:18 am

That was so deep 0.0
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PostSubject: Re: Story of My Life   

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Story of My Life
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